Dr. Joshua Rash

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Graduate Students

Name: Louise Bell, B.Sc. (Hons)
Position in lab: Masters Student
Duration in lab: April 2018 – Present
Background and Training: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Research Focus: Clinical Psychology, Chronic Pain, Depression
Research Project: Treating depression in chronic pain: A patient-preference trial comparing iACT, iCBT and control
Funding: SSHRC Funding; RA funding from CIHR for the Opioid Crisis Knowledge Synthesis

Name: Sam Scurrey, MASc, B.A. (Hons)
Position in lab: Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student (PsyD)
Duration in lab: July 2018-Present
Background and Training: I obtained my B.A (hons) at Memorial University (MUN), at which time I conducted a secondary analysis, exploring the link between negative interpersonal relationships and body mass index, under the supervision of Dr. Ken Fowler. With the desire to conduct more clinical work, I obtained a student undergraduate research award to work as a research assistant at the Sleep, Health & Wellness Lab, under Dr. Sheila Garland. At that time, I conducted a secondary analysis of the prevalence and predictors of poor sleep among individuals with multiple sclerosis. I continued my education, by completing the Masters of Applied Psychological Science program at MUN, under the supervision of Dr. Garland. During my masters, I took on a lead role in recruiting and conducting assessments with patients diagnosed with cancer, investigating the effects of cancer treatment on insomnia and cognitive dysfunction. Specifically, for my masters’ thesis, I evaluated the experience of rural individuals with prostate and breast cancer participating in research via telehealth.
Research Focus: Health Psychology; Binge Eating Disorder
Research Project: I am currently working as the research coordinator on a prospective single-cohort study of pre-surgical psychosocial predictors of outcomes following bariatric surgery. For my doctoral dissertation, I will be screening individuals for binge eating disorder at pre-surgery, to conduct a qualitative analysis of their weight loss experience at 6-months post-surgery.
Funding: School of Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship and Graduate Assistantships ($14,732 per annum)
Women’s Association of Memorial University Master’s Scholarship ($1,200) (2016-2017); School of Graduate Studies Masters Fellowship and Graduate Assistantships ($10,232 per annum) (2016-2018); Student Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) ($7,385) (2016); The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC USRA) ($6,650) (2016), declined offer; The Canadian Federation of University Women St. John’s Undergraduate Bursary ($1,000) (2015); Student Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) ($6,650) (2015)

Name: Vanessa Strong, BSc (Hons) Behavioural Neuroscience, MSc Medicine (Neuroscience)
Position in lab: Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student (PsyD)
Duration in lab: March 2019-Present
Background and Training: I am a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program at MUN. I received my Bachelor of Science (Hons) at Memorial, where I examined the effect of norepinephrine on astrogliosis after Status Epilepticus in a rodent model of temporal lobe epilepsy. I also completed my MSc in Medicine (Neuroscience) at Memorial where I was looking at the molecular correlates of multiday memory in an appetitive conditioning model, with the goal of gaining insight into mediators of memory extension. Following my masters, I spent four years working in various neuroscience research labs focusing on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease and played an integral role in implementing optogenetics at MUN.  I have also spent 9 years working with children and adults with behavioural and developmental difficulties.

Research Focus: Chronic Neuropathic Pain; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction; Biological Markers
Research Project: I am currently evaluating the effect of a mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention on biological indices of stress, inflammation, and cellular aging among breast cancer survivors who are experiencing chronic neuropathic pain.
Funding:School of Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship and Graduate Assistantships

Name: Elizabeth Wallack

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Undergraduate Students

Name: Lucas Walters, B.Sc (Hons) in progress
Position in lab: Honours student
Duration in lab: January 2018 – Present
Background and Training:  Memorial University of Newfoundland
Research Focus: Maternal Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Research Project: The effects of maternal cortisol on child adaptive function as moderated by both fetal sex and maternal social support
Funding: as per APrON Study

Name: Alice Chen
Name: Alice Chen, BSc Behavioral Neuroscience Honours
Position in lab: Honours student
Duration in lab: September – present
Background and Training: Fourth year undergraduate student. Previous research project on the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction in breast cancer patients with chronic pain.
Research Focus: Examining psychological influences that impact overall health and quality of life in people with chronic diseases.
Research Project: Does depression mediate a relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and cognition in people with multiple sclerosis?
Funding: N/A


Name: Brittany Flood], B.Sc. (Hons)
Position in lab: Researcher/ previous honours student…
Duration in lab: September 2017 – present
Background and Training: Brittany has recently completed an honours degree in Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is continuing to work on her honours thesis project titled The Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Suppression of Painful Memories. enter educational background. Where degrees were obtained, particular projects of interest
Research Focus: Health Psych
Research Project: Brittany’s current project investigates whether there is a memory or attentional bias for pain-material in individuals reporting a high number of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) relative to those with low ACEs. Individuals with a greater number of ACEs are more likely to develop chronic pain as adults. Further, bias in memory has been shown to affect future pain experiences. Therefore, an attentional or memory bias for pain-material may act as a mediating factor between ACEs and chronic pain. This experiment is the first step in addressing the potential connection.
Funding: N/A

Name: Michael Asamoah-Boaheng
Name: Michael Asamoah-Boaheng, [Bsc, MPhil, PhD candidate] Position in lab: Research assistant
Duration in lab: April 2018 – September, 2018
Background and Training: University of Cape Coast, Ghana (Bsc Statistics, from 2006-2010), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana (MPhil Mathematical Statistics, from 2012-2014, PhD candidate, clinical epidemiology, MUN from 2016-2020), particular projects of interest:- Opioid Crisis Knowledge Synthesis, gender differences in the diagnosis, management and symptoms of obstructive airway diseases
Research Focus: Natural progression and complex relationship between asthma and COPD, Diabetes, hypertension and obesity in sub-Saharan Africa
Research Project: Natural progression and complex relationship between asthma and COPD
Funding: Deans Doctoral Award, Faculty of Medicine; RA funding from CIHR for the Opioid Crisis Knowledge Synthesis; Medical Graduate Students’ Society Graduate Travel Award in medicine for (2016-2017) scholarship year, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Name: Oluwatosin (Tosin) Badejo
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Name: David Garcia

Position in lab: Research assistant

Duration in lab: starting month: April 2018

Background and Training:  International Medical Graduate with completed postgraduate training in Orthopedics (Research interest: Bacteriology of infections in Orthopedics). Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology (Research interest: Clinical impact of diagnostic tests).

Research Focus: [Enter research focus]

Research Project: The Opioid Crisis Knowledge Synthesis.


2018 CIHR grant for the Opioid Crisis Knowledge Synthesis

2017 Dr. Harry Edstrom Medical Research Award (MUN)

2017 Program of Experimental Medicine Graduate Scholarship Award (MUN)

Name: Mohammad Hossain
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