Description of Research Initiative

In preparation for the official launch of Stepped Care in Newfoundland and Labrador, the government, in partnership with Stepped Care Solutions and Memorial University are preparing to develop and pilot a virtual environment for measurement-based care deliverd within the context of a provincial Stepped Care model.

We created a virtual Stepped Care environment to meet the needs of individuals experiencing substance use and mental health concerns, as well as to support providers as they deliver the right care, at the right time. This virtual environment includes measurement-based care, and a resource hub that was co-developed with government, health services, and our team of partners.

Measurement-based care allows individuals who are receiving care for substance use and mental health concerns to complete self-assessments and share their results with providers. Providers can view client outcome trajectories, and engage in shared-care decision making to inform evidence-based deviations in care.

Providers receive: 1) a foundational training course from Stepped Care Solutions on effectively using measurement-based care in practice; and 2) consultation with the research team to support implementation.

 Within the virtual environment, individuals receiving care for substance use and mental health concerns can complete self-assessments, using validated tools. Results from self-assessments can inform recommendations for resources, such as those available through Bridge the gApp and Wellness Together Canada, and help guide the individual’s recovery journey. 

Helpful Resources

We have developed resources to assist with the implementaiton of measurement-based care within the context of a provincial stepped care model. Our training manual can be accessed at this link.