A great deal of the work performed at the MUN-BMC involves interacting with vulnerable populations, collecting sensitive information, and safeguarding confidential information. As such, it is important that all members of the MUN-BMC undergo training relevant to these tasks. As such, all members of our team must complete the following training and e-mail their certificates or attestations to our lab e-mail.

1. Tri-Council Policy Statement 2: Course on Research Ethics (TCPS-2: CORE)

  • Visit this link and login or create an account to complete the online modules.

2. Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

  • Visit this link and sign-up for an account to complete the online modules.

3. Public Health Information Act (PHIA)

  • Visit this link , sign-up for an account, and enroll in the online course in “Direct Contact with Personal Health Information”